Q: Are there any hidden fees at Battersea Gymnastics?
A: No. Your child’s fees include weekly gymnastics class (for the whole term), Battersea Gymnastics membership, certificates and badges. (Please note, your child will need a separate membership at British Gymnastics which is not part of our fees)

Q: Many clubs also charge an annual membership fee. Do I need to pay Battersea Gymnastics an annual fee?
A: No. (See above)

Q: My child already has a British Gymnastics membership assigned to another gymnastics club. Does this mean I have to pay again?
A: If both clubs are British Gymnastics registered your membership will cover you for both clubs. You will need to provide proof of your membership by showing your confirmation email or your digital membership card.

Q: What should my child wear?
A: We do not have a uniform. Usually, girls wear their own choice of leotard (with or without shorts/leggings) and boys wear either their own choice of leotard and shorts or a t-shirt and shorts. Socks should be removed, all hair should be tied up and all jewellery removed.

Q: Do you accept cash or cheques for fees?
A: No. We can only accept online bank transactions.

Q: Can I pay as I go?
A: Unfortunately you cannot pay as you go. Payment is per term, in advance.

Q: Is my child able to move to a different group to be with his/her friend?
A: Yes if they are in the same Level of class and if there is availability.

Q: How many hours do squad train a week?
A: The squad train for 3.15 hours per week (across 2 separate days)

Q: When can I come and watch my child?
A: We will hold parents watching week at the end of every term and will inform you of the dates through the Newsletters.

Q: Is there a waiting room?
A: We do have a waiting room beside the gym where parents/guardians are permitted to wait for their child’s class to finish. It will not be possible to view classes from this room, but it will be possible to use this room to wait.

Q: Is there parking available? Do I have to pay?
A: There are limited spaces in the school car park (accessed by Cabul Road) at the rear of the school. There is also street parking available. This is free on weekends and weekdays after 16.30.

Q: When do you assess my child for the British Gymnastics Proficiency awards?
A: We will assess the gymnasts twice a year during the Autumn term and Summer Term.

Q: Do you allow disabled children.
A: Yes, you are very welcome. We do not discriminate and believe every child should have the same opportunity.